Congratulations on your son's acceptance to Georgia Tech, and welcome to the Tech family! As your son makes a decision about whether to join a fraternity, it is natural for both parents and students to have some questions and concerns. As you all know, Tech is a very demanding school, and it requires hard work and determination to succeed. This makes many parents uneasy about their son committing time to joining a fraternity, especially given that a majority of Georgia Tech fraternity men make their decision before they even finish their first week of classes. Even though these are very real and common concerns, I can assure you that there is no better way to hit the ground running at Georgia Tech than to join a fraternity, especially ATΩ.

From day one, ATΩ offers its members academic support that simply isn’t available to non-Greek students. We have brothers from all majors and class levels who are always willing to provide younger members with advice, help, and support. Our pledges are required to participate in study hours in our house library, where they’re able to ask questions and get help from more experienced brothers. Thanks to donations from our huge alumni base, we also have access to a large scholarship fund. We use this money to provide any brother or pledge with free tutoring for any class, at any time. Each semester we also give out a $500 scholarship to the brother or pledge with the highest GPA in their pledge class and a $250 scholarship to the member with the most improved GPA in their class. We value academics, and I’m confident that ATΩ will only help, and never hurt a pledge’s GPA.

ATΩ also provides another dimension of education that is hard to find elsewhere: leadership and professional networking. We push our members to join campus clubs and organizations, and we pride ourselves on our ongoing presence in organizations such as the Interfraternity Council, Student Government Association, Freshmen Advisory Board, Freshman Council, Career Fair, GT HEROs, and countless others. As our members become more familiar with ATΩ and Georgia Tech, they are tasked with planning events, managing budgets, and working with others to accomplish goals. ATΩ can essentially provide a 4-5 year crash course in real world skills, that otherwise might not be learned until after graduation. Our alumni frequently approach us with internship or co-op offers because they know how much their ATΩ experience prepared them for their career, and many alums also participate in our alumni mentor program, which offers brothers career and resume advice.

Finally, ATΩ provides a social life that gives brothers a healthy outlet from the stresses of school. Date nights, formals, mixers, charity concerts, mountain weekends, and beach weekends are just a few examples of events on our social calendar that are sure to leave our brothers with some of their fondest college memories. Academics come first of course, but it’s important to find a work-life balance, especially at Georgia Tech.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me any time at 678-451-9995 or My mother remembers the concerns that she had when I made my decision three years ago, and she’d be happy to talk to anyone as well. Let me know if you’re ever in the area and would like to come check out the house. I look forward to seeing everyone on campus in the fall!

Go Jackets,
Pablo Ortega
2017 Chapter President